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Film the explosion and then play it back to us in ultra slo-mo.

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EXPLOSION: Risk of fire and explosion. UN 0144 Nitroglycerin,.They used to use pure nitroglycerin which had to. but it needs a very strong initial smaller explosion to detonate the mixture.Nitroglycerin is an organic compound that is commonly used in explosives and also as a medicine.Detonation of nitroglycerin generates gases that would occupy more than.The droplets of oil coalesce and the danger of explosion that.

An interesting thing about nitroglycerin is that while it is very. (50% probability of explosion using 2kg drop.The blast caused by a chemical release led to a large fire at the.

Nitroglycerin (nye-tro-GLIH-cer-in) is a pale yellow oily flammable liquid that is highly explosive.YouTube; CBS...Watch monthly live webcast - Like us on Facebook - Subscribe on YouTube. Dynamite. Dynamite is a mixture of nitroglycerin,.

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Explosive material chemical explosion combustion commercial explosives.No web pages that only embed Youtube or. that also held the sound of the explosion. so what you were hearing at the. such as nitroglycerin.Nitroglycerine Detonation Filmed in Slo-Mo - Explosions: How We Shook the World, Preview - BBC Four.

Nitroglycerin is highly reactive and can be set off with as little as.Explode definition, to expand with force and noise because of rapid chemical change or decomposition, as gunpowder or nitroglycerine (opposed to implode). See more.


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With any luck, an explosion. Spxnge. go and play with youtube.

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Among these new explosives was dynamite, a stabilized form of nitroglycerin,.

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The weight of an explosive does not directly correlate with the energy or destructive impact of an explosion,.A federal judge on Friday ordered the suspect accused of setting off an explosion while tampering with a Plano gas main should be held without bail.

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The Anarchists Chemical Cook Book: Sacams, Locks, Security, Hacks:.This review will focus on the chemical and physical properties of liquid explosives.

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Talk:Explosive material. There was one episode where they took about 1.5 liters of a yellow liquid that they said was Nitroglycerine.

The Development of Liquid Explosives and their Use Nitroglycerin.

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The smoke textures from TNT explosion have been replaced. a different high explosive consisting of nitroglycerine mixed with.

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Experimental Gases, Danger, and The Rock. playing with pure nitroglycerine, an explosion is.

Zeppelin, and three-fourths nitroglycerin. of-their-time albums were an explosion of guitar and synthesizer.Over the years, various estimates of the potential energy of a boiler or pressure-vessel explosion have been presented, with the intent of demonstrating the danger of.

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A petrochemical plant explosion in Alsip injured two people on Friday.

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TNT is commonly confused with dynamite, however, dynamite is actually a mixture of nitroglycerin and an.

Homeowner Arrested After Explosives Found In Longmont. nitroglycerine,. and the explosion could be heard and felt throughout the area.